Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Fine Art of Wasting Time

Remember when I told you my one-item to-do list?
Yeah, it hasn't happened that way.
Now, before I sit here and tell you that I've been all productive and busy this week, that is not the case.
I've piddled.
In Southern vernacular, piddling is something like puttering, and it's a perfect word for getting little, unimportant things done. 
Caring if anything gets done defeats the purpose.
(It's also a great word for describing why it takes your husband and child thirty minutes longer than any other people in the world to get ready to go somewhere.  Grr...)
The key to piddling is to look busy without accomplishing anything of significance.
During the school year, this includes the room organizing I do to avoid reading essays, but I digress.
Piddling Projects this week:
1. A few freezer bags of chard and squash.  A lot of bags would qualify as real work; a few qualify as piddly.
2. Vinyl labels for the washer, dryer, and electric box.  

'Cause everybody needs those.  I almost ruined this as a piddling exercise by making classroom passes ,

 but since I could write passes on sticky notes, and Big Red, the Original Not-Cutesy Male Teacher, would never own these, creating them counts as Creative Time Wasting.
3. Cleaned about 1,000 pictures off my camera card.  Still have about 1,000 to go.
Kept about 3000 zinnia pictures; it's an addiction.
4. Perused Pinterest--the Ultimate Piddling Project. 
In the interest of full disclosure, most of the pins were school-related.
 If when I actually do some these, I won't be piddling.

Piddling might be my favorite way to spend a summer day. 
Be blessed,


  1. Haha. You are funny my friend!! A little or a lot of piddling never hurt anyone right? Go forth and piddle!! 😊


  2. You deserve some moments to piddle away! School will be starting all too soon!