Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello, Monday--A Sewing Story

Hello, goodbye, summer vacation.
Hello, week of piddling.  Now I need purpose.  I think.
Hello, homemade skinny jeans.  Here's the story:
 In my favorite local thrift store, I tried on a pair of great-fitting jeans.
Yes, I just used the words great.fitting.jeans allinthesamesentence.
If you are, ahem, over 25, you know what I'm saying here.
There was one problem.
Because there would, of course, be a problem with the great.fitting.jeans.
Wide legs.  W-i-d-e legs.
 We are in the thrift store, after all.
So...I looked up jean-altering tutorials and risked my $5 dollar investment.
Now, if you've been a reader here for a while, you know that I am NOT a seamstress, so it is oddly mystifying that I would believe that I could do this.
It is not for the chicken-hearted.
I would liken it to cutting your own hair. 
(You know, when you have the "oh, that side's a little shorter than the other; I'll just trim a some more to make it even.  Now that side is a little shorter; maybe if I trim a bit more...." conversation.)
Only this time it was, "Oh, that leg's a bit snugger than the other...."
One word of advice: don't try this at home.
Just kidding.
Try it at home if you have mad sewing skillz or $5 to blow.

Adjust the fit while wearing the jeans, and definitely work from both sides of the leg.  Otherwise your jeans will be off-center and twisty. ;-)
 I'm standing on a stool because I don't have a full-length mirror. I had to hunch over to take the picture-- which resulted in a few dozen outtakes that make me look like a hobbit.  This is the only photo that doesn't make me look about 50 pounds heavier or a foot shorter than I really am. 
   Mine are far from perfect.  
(Have you noticed I say that a lot when it comes to sewing projects?  My mother's lessons, alas, did not take.)
  (Kind of like those six years of piano.)  
They have a pucker or two and, for heaven's sake, don't look too closely at the hem.
I still like them--even if I'm still searching for a truly perfect pair of jeans.
Be blessed,


  1. Smiing big...the jean tailoring would be a stretch for my sewing skills as well, in spite of the fact that Mama was an incredible seamstress. I finally just got rid of my sewing machine all together and either pay for alterations or beg my more skillful seamstress friends. :)

  2. Good for you. I have zero sewing skills.

    I am so sad how fast summer is going!