Thursday, July 11, 2013


Popping in to share a quick re-fashion project!
First, let me say that I am not a seamstress.  My mother, who was an excellent one, would be mortified right now.  I probably won't share the details with her. *grin*
I found this dress at our local thrift store.  

It had two important things going for it: a) it's a maxi, which means it's soft and long (always a plus for leggy middle-aged women who don't do knees showing any longer.  Looking pulled together in something that feels like pajamas is a win-win.),  and b) it's green, my favorite color.  
However, what it did not have going for it was the top half. 

This dress was clearly owned by some incredibly tall woman willing to show waaayy more skin than I am.  
It was time for a bit of chopping.  
Out came one of my other maxi skirts as a guide.
( Um, apparently I like stripes and green.)
This was the only tricky part because the knit was thin and stretchy.  I can safely tell you that the hem is approximately  even, but far from perfect.  (Insert my mom cringing.) 
It'll do.  
Chop, chop, and the immodest top half disappeared, leaving behind a comfy elastic waistband. 
Now I have a new pair of pjs green, stripey skirt!
 (Sorry for the faceless pose; it's a summer weekday, meaning I'm not wearing makeup and my hair looks like a brillo pad.)
Happy refashioning!
Be blessed,


  1. great idea & good job. you are very funny!

    Lisa Leonard recently posted that she got a jean jacket at a thrift store and cut the sleeves off to make a vest! I need to start thinking out of the box...


  2. That's exactly how I feel about my maxi's like getting away with wearing PJs in public!

  3. Great idea and I love your new word..."re-fashion."