Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello Monday: Rainy Days and Mondays

Hello, 30 seconds of sunshine!  When you appeared, I grabbed a pair of scissors and the camera to pick a bouquet and record the moment for posterity.
Hello, dead camera battery!  You blew the 2nd half of my plan.  The flowers are lovely, and you missed it.
Hello, laundry room redo!  I should have taken before pics, but I was trying so hard to get lots done before Mama's surgery that I neglected that part.  Then my super-tremendous-awesome-handsome hubby did it all for me while I was out of town.  (I'm keeping him.)  Now on to the fun decorating!
Hello, closet clean-out.  Though I purge things regularly, I've hit a frustration point with my wardrobe.  Today is "create outfits" day, and everything that doesn't seem to work  
Hello, down-hill side of summer.  Weren't we just on the up-hill side?  Don't talk to me yet about school, pretty-please.
Hello, cabbage.  You're the only thing that's been productive in our drenched garden this summer, and I am fresh out of ideas about what to do with you. Attn: Cabbage-eaters.  Please assist.
Hello, power outage!  You are a near-daily occurrence thanks to the rain and our abundant trees. 
Hello, Holy Spirit.  Keep blowing a fresh wind through our church.  We need You.
Be blessed today!
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