Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello Monday: Last Full Week of Summer

Hello, second half of July!
Hello, last full week of summer.  A week from Thursday it's back to work I go.  Have we had summer this year?  Between the weather and life's ups and downs, I'm not sure I feel like I've even been at home.
Hello, active resting. Big Red rattled of a to-do list of projects he intended to finish this week. 
My to-do list this week:
 finish a book.   
That. is. all.
Hello, zinnias.  You're finally blooming in mass.
Hello, album catch-up!  I made it to last summer in the girls' albums.  I'm amazed at how few pictures I took last year, and I need some fresh ideas about what and how to photograph regular events.  Any thoughts?
 Hello, school planning.  Okay, so my to-do is slightly longer than I wanted said.
 Hello, new favorite song!  Please listen.  Be blessed.



  1. Wow, you have to go back to school so early! Boo!
    Love this song, we've been singing it at our church.

  2. The summer has flown by for sure. I wanted it to go slowly because that's what summers are for, however, my son left May 20 to work at a Christian summer camp and won't be home until August 10, so I also wanted it to go by fast. It won't be long til he is home, so I will be a happy mama.

    I hope this is a wonderful last week for you before school starts. Blessings for a wonderful school year.

  3. Hi. I really like that song too. Hope you are having a good week