Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Stockings Aren't Hung...

..but the rest is coming along!  Here's a mini-tour of what we accomplished this weekend.
Warning: Picture-heavy post!
(And, as always, all images are property of D.I.T.H.  Thanks and Merry Christmas!)
Now that the DD's have strong decorating opinions, they overruled my suggestion to go a bit rustic with the tree this year, but they conceded to a vintage vibe by limiting the ornaments to green and red balls and handmade, sentimental ornaments from their *sniff* preschool days.

I love cinnamon dough ornaments!  They still smell good after all these years!

Cute preschool footprint! 

I swiped a chalkboard from the porch and framed it.

Pine in shabby-chic pots:

Books in the colors of the season with a touch of greenery:
Do you see our theme?  It's red-gold-evergreen-rustic-vintage-y.  Sort of.

The "theme" came from my hands-down favorite spot, the mantel.

My antique chalkboard makes a reappearance with my only first Christmas craft, a burlap banner stamped with the names of God.
I saw the idea from the lovely and talented Lemonade Makin Mama.  She sells them in her etsy shop, but since they were always sold out before I even knew they were there, I decided to make my own.
Biggest stamps available from Hobby Lobby + black ink pad + burlap/gold ribbon that was an early Christmas present from a friend.  I heart it.
And I like y'all, too, so stay tuned for more holiday cheer from the 'House.



  1. I love your mantel. The chalkboard is perfect and the stamped garland is wonderful. I love that you have the names of God on there. Perfection!

  2. The mantel is perfect! That stamped ribbon brilliant! I may have to steal that idea.

  3. I really love the chalkboard ideas. I'm going to have to find some...for what, I have no idea, but perhaps inspiration will wash over me at just the right time!!!

  4. Lovely. Your house looks Christmassy and cosy and full of Him. We're decorating this weekend - can't wait to get out those preschool baubles...
    Happy Advent, friend-across-the-sea.