Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello, Monday--Post Christmas

Hello, Christmas boxes.  Glad to see you come.  Glad to see you go.

Hello, yellow towels.  
You made a cool table runner.
Hello, Siesta Scripture memory team verse one:
In addition to the blog that inspired me to pick Jeremiah 17:7, blog friends Elizabeth and Helen confirmed it.  Love it when God does things like that.
Hello, week of break remaining.  You'll go by super-fast. 'Cause that's what breaks do.
Hello, Silhouette! 
 Still can't get over Big Red surprising me with you!  MerryChristmas-HappyValentines--HappyBirthday-etc. to me.
Hello, messy house.  
What can I say?  Went to town Saturday; did nothing Sunday. Hello Monday cleaning routine.
How's your New Year's
Eve Monday?
Be blessed, 
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  1. Blessed New Year to you and yours! I "flunked" my last try at the Siesta Scripture memory team, got behind and frustrated and gave up. I think their should be an option for a verse a month. Every two weeks is too fast for me.