Saturday, December 8, 2012

Open House

Here's my disclaimer even as I post this:
 I am lying on my couch nursing the full-blown version of the sore-throat/cold that's threatened for weeks.  This post is an observation made in full awareness of the practical difficulties; this is about baby steps. 

Every night this week seemed to disappear in blur.  Pastor search team, choir practice, the inevitable Walmart run.
Normally, Big Red and I are in a small group Bible study on Wednesdays when our girls are at youth group.  With it unexpectedly cancelled this week, visions of a few peaceful hours danced in my head.  So when some friends invited us to drop by for supper, I can't say I was looking forward to it.
I can say I was amazed by it.
(When's the last time you had an impromptu gathering at your home?
Um, hasn't happened here lately.) 
There were no decorations yet, but piano music played softly in the background.
There was potato soup.
Some cornbread that had stuck to the pan and and was somewhat worse for wear.
Pound cake and fruit.
It was simple.
It was perfect.
It reminded me again that we have vastly over-complicated what it means to be hospitabl
and therefore in community.
We have a zillion excuses for our hermit lifestyles. 
Don't blame Pintrest.
Before it, it was Martha and magazines.
My house isn't__, my cooking isn't__, fill-in-the-blank.
More truthfully, my schedule is overfilled and my heart for people is undernourished.
I want to appreciate (and emulate)the potato soup, 
imperfect cornbread,
a mug of coffee,
a cup of cold water
in His Name
for His people.
Be blessed  today,


  1. Wow. What a beautiful post.

    I had just been thinking about you today - then voila, you stopped by my blog. Thanks.

    I hope you get to feeling healthy right away -we've been sick w/stuff for a long time now and it wasn't any fun at all . . . so get well fast.

    Love your post ... great words. Thank you. Glad we stopped by each other's blogs .

  2. Get well and keep on being you. You new page looks beautiful and the cookies looks good enough to grab off the page and eat! You many be Martha! Ginger, too.

  3. Oh yes, this post hit home. My house isn't tidy enough, my family well-behaved enough, my cooking out of the freezer too often. But...I love people at my kitchen table. Thankyou for this reminder.
    I am sneezing in sympathy. Get well soon for Christmas.

  4. Hey there - I'm featuring a snippet of your post (first paragraph) and a link to it on my blog tomorrow. I love your words and want to share your thoughts over here. If you prefer I don't feature your post, just let me know. Thanks, Jenn

  5. All too often I feel the need to have a perfect meal in order to invite folks over. This was a great reminder. I hope you feel better soon!!

  6. Hello, Ginger...found you from Jenn's Peacorn, popnuts...

    I feel for you. Being under the weather is no fun at all, but totally our bodies reminder to stop and truly rest. I suffered from a cold then 2 relapses within 2 1/2 months...turned out I had developed a sinus infection from the first cold that never went away. So I pray complete recovery and well being for you and your family.

    Your post is perfectly on target. Think how much joy would be had if we would only simplify more and clutter our minds less with excuses. I'm glad you went and enjoyed a simple, lovely evening with friends.

    Your header is quite scrumptious looking...Mmm mmm!

    Blessings for good health, good friends, good Life,