Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Senses of the Season: A Giveaway

No more fever and I've almost stopped coughing.
I took one more day from school in hopes that my energy level might be close to normal by tomorrow. 
Today I have something for you:
a Christmas present from our house to yours!
I'll Lysol it before I mail it.
Since my couch exile began, I've been listening to this:
 The proceeds from this CD go to support International Justice Mission, a ministry  near to our hearts around here.
That's the sounds of the season helping to set captives free.
To round out the giveaway, there's some yummy-smelling scent for your home and an ornament to represent the Reason for Season.
It's a giveaway to see, hear, and smell all the goodness of Christmas!
To enter, leave a comment about some of your favorite Christmas sensory experiences--a smell, taste, sight, or sound that lets you know Christmas has really arrived.
The winner will be drawn on Sunday!
Be blessed,


  1. Hey Ginger! Oh man so sorry you have been down and out and sick!!! I finally updated my blog today - all is well!! I am missing all my blogs friends and what are the chances I come here today to "catch up" with you and you have a givewaay!! So sweet!

    Well, my favorite thing about Christmas is the shopping actually and the music! I have a Holiday station on Pandora and Third Day and Mercy Me has some great versions of the classics - love it - the classic hymns are such worship to Him!

    Blessing you with good health!!


  2. I love listening to Handel's Messiah. It's beautiful any time, but especially at Christmas, as it tell's the whole gospel story of Jesus'coming, His death, and even His return! I love the smell of home baked Cranberry Cinnamon bread and yeast rolls, and various kinds of cookies. I love the sight of the excitement on my grandbabies faces. So many sensory blessings. :)

  3. The crisp cold that kisses our cheeks a rosy red, as laden with fresh baked goods, we sing carols for our neighbors. :)