Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello, Monday!

Hello, Monday!
Hello, back to school for teachers!  Ready or not, you're here.
Hello, alarm clock!  You and I are buddies (not) once more.
Hello, routine!  I've missed you just a little.
Hello, cooler temperatures!  Thanks so much for crashing August's party!  I know you'll get kicked out in a few days, but, boy, am I enjoying you while you last.
Hello, zinnias.  You make me happy.
Hello, canning and freezing!  Thank you, Lord, for vegetables to put up for winter.  Please give me the energy I need to finish the work after school.
Hello, dawn!  I think I will slip outside with my coffee now and just listen to you for a moment before the chaos begins.
Be blessed today!


  1. Blessing you Ginger as you head back to school!
    You are already equipped to do the job - now that - He has done that! And when you need more - reach higher, go deeper and let Him do the rest!


  2. I hope your first day back went off without a hitch. I still have two weeks before I see any kids. It's a good thing too, because there is so much to do still.

  3. May your school year be blessed to overflowing!