Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Counting It all Joy...Again

Just when I thought it was safe to hit the roadways again,
this car

(Yes, the new one after Big Red's accident in June)
was hit yesterday.
Rear-ended by a guy hauling coon-dogs,poor fellow.
Not kidding.
We're still waiting to find out if it's totaled, but things aren't looking good.
*Heavy sigh*
I'm thankful that again, no one was hurt.
And, again, Big Red wasn't at fault, so there's no second-guessing (and no insurance penalty.)
And, again, it's just a car.  Compared to some of the news I've had this week, this really qualifies as an inconvenience.
So, even though we're back in car-buying purgatory and our back-to-school is slightly more stressful than we'd hoped, 
we're thankful for a good healthy dose of perspective.
Just for fun, let's lighten the mood a bit with a quiz:
if you could buy your dream car, what would you get?
Be blessed,


  1. ugh sorry Ginger and so glad no one was hurt. perspective is a good thing most times.

    sorry back to school has been more challenging than you expected.

    sending you a big hug!


  2. Bless your heart! When it rains, it pours!!