Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School Copycat Mantel

We're in the no-man's land between summer and fall; school is about to start, so carefree summer decorations are just depressing, but lovely autumn accessories seem out of place with 90* temps outside.
So when I spotted this lovely mantel,
 I knew it was the perfect solution for August at the 'house.
Here's our version:

Other than the $5 clock, this was a shop-my-house project.  We made the wreath on a cardboard base and folded pages from an old thesaurus. (Sorry, Roget, but you can be replaced at the dollar store.)
Today is the last lazy day for us!  Tomorrow I'm helping a friend can tomatoes, then Monday I'm in my classroom for preplanning.
Be blessed,


  1. I love this! I have an old curled up copy of Roget too...
    When are your holidays in the US? So different over here. We're almost halfway through the summer break and school seems a long way away, but we only have 6 weeks in the summer.
    Not so keen on the prominence of the alarm clock in the mantel. I don't miss those mornings!

  2. I love,love,love this! It is a rainy inside day here and only 5 days until school starts back. I think we may have to go and get some materials to copy your mantle!! thanks for the inspiration!

  3. How cool! I would never have thought of, or even attempted this, but you pulled it off beautifully!! Ginger, you really need to go into the decorating business!!

  4. I love your back to school mantel. I'm doing mine in my head only for now, since I refuse to accept that summer is over until after Labor Day! :)

  5. I love it. You have a lot of energy decorating for Back to School. I can barely do fall and Christmas.

  6. CS Lewis on one side, Rosamunde Pilcher on the other--I like your taste in reading!