Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scripture and a Snapshot: For those who love Him

     It's taken me two months, but I've memorized James 1.
     Sometimes it sounds like it's in the GMMV--Ginger's Mixed-Up Memory Version--an  amalgamation of different versions of the Bible I've studied over the years.

     I stumbled over James 1:12 when I was learning it.
    My teacher-perfectionist brain wanted to say something like, "...he will receive the crown of life God has promised to those who
ace the test!
pass with flying colors!
meet or exceed the standard!"
But it doesn't say any of those things.
It says,"When he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life God has promised to those who love Him."
To those who love Him.

Several times this week, as my husband has been standing his test, I've lain in bed at night with tears saying yes to His will, even if it scared me a little. A lot.

A friend told me that I was allowed to pray "wife prayers" this week, the ones that rarely get further than,"Keep him safe."  
As we count down the hours today until Big Red's plane lands, I want to have stood the test so that I can share in what Christ has done through him this week.
Be blessed,


  1. You have a beautiful blog! You ministered to my heart through this verse, very needed. Thanks!

  2. "Lord, please help us to complete the test which you have sent in love to prove our faith." AMEN.

    This text has gripped me like a knot in my stomach. I do so want to stand and complete the test I'm currently going through. I feel a kindred spirit.

    Bless you for sharing this beautiful, if not challenging post.

  3. Encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to give this post your all. Well done!

  4. Gorgeous photo and wonderful verse. You memorized a whole chapter! Wow!

  5. Hi Ginger,

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. I love your banner, your story, and your photo with the scripture from James. I'm so amazed that you memorized the entire book of James! I've never memorized an entire book before. Wow! Have a blessed week.


  6. Oh wow, this has been on my mind as well. You make a good point about James 1:12.

  7. I have such trouble memorizing but in my heart, that place that God resides...His Word is kept alive and always ministers to my soul - without having been read, without any work of my own. He IS alive :) Yes, wife prayers....mother prayers....daughter prayers....the ones that all we can do is recite that deepest feeling within - but HE KNOWS and HEARS so much more.


  8. Thanks Ginger. I am in awe. Thinking of you. x