Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello, Monday (Afternoon edition)

Hello, Monday afternoon!
My day started slow (too little sleep this weekend), so no early intelligent thought took place before 10:00 or so.
Hello, sunny mornings/rainy afternoons.  I like you, but your buddies heat and humidity can go away any time.
Hello, squash!

I need to increase my repertoire of recipes with you.
Hello, red cabinets!  

I'm so glad we added that mocha glaze, especially when I spilled a whole cup of coffee down the front of you this morning.
Hello, VBS week.  My girls are excited to be workers and are praying for specific things about you.
Hello, prayers for Big Red.
I'm not ready to say why here, but this godly man is stepping out in faith and walking in one of most challenging situations he's ever experienced.  
I love him.
How's your Monday afternoon?
Be blessed,


  1. I love your red cabinets! More photos please. And, I'm not flirting or anything, but I love a man with freckles! :) Grew up with two red headed freckled brothers and one sister of the same. There are also two dark haired siblings, and then two of us "blonde turned to dirty dishwater" kids...all from the same mom and dad.

  2. Hi Ginger!

    Thank you for your support and prayers today! I too will pray for you and big red! How exciting for your girls - isn't it wonderful when our children find there way in serving! The power if prayer is amazing - its humbling when others pray for me and my family and I consider it an honor to pray for others!


    P.S. I would love to see a picture of you someday ;)

  3. Your cabinets are beautiful!!! We just ended our VBS..praying that yours goes well also! And we've got an abundance of yellow squash around here too..we'll be 'squashed out' by time august gets here I think!