Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The house at 7:34 am...
...having my man back home from Belize, where he passed out Bibles ,and shared the gospel, and killed tarantulas.
...the James Bible study; God is shifting my thinking, convicting me, making me uncomfortable about a lot of my habits and thought-life--and I pray I never forget how it feels.
...fresh vegetables for supper, some of which Big Red grew in his amazing, I'm-a-rock-star raised beds. with half-and-half.
...meals for our last-minute beach trip and for the freezer as we go back to school in a few weeks
...coordinated, purposeful classroom decor; I'll enjoy it more, even if the middle-schoolers never notice.
...for a more organized and positive school year.  Praying lots about this!
...for a 50mm lens for my camera (maybe someday!)
Listening the washing machine and the air conditioner and thanking the Lord for electricity
...with drying apples in the oven
...with a cookbook from the library (orange-rosemary biscuits on the menu tonight)
How's your day?


  1. lovely post - so fun to see a bit of your everyday life!

    I am in denial about school starting even though we have 4 mores weeks - denial BIG denial! 11 weeks of summer is NOT enough!

    Thank you for your sweet comment today!
    You be blessed too!

  2. Are you studying Beth Moore's James? It's an awesome study. It was like meeting James, the person and then comprehending his words . . . powerful.
    Yes, thank God for electricity and those appliances of a/c and washer and dryer!! Inside plumbing and more!
    Belize? And raised bed gardens . . . Very neat way to go Big Red.
    School huh? I haven't been by Eat, Live, Move lately . . . will have to check in again.

    Later! Hugs!

  3. I think middle schoolers do appreciate nice classroom decor. Who doesn't love a cheerful environment? Enjoy your last few weeks. Enforce heading back to school.