Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Wonder

I’m linking up today at Gypsy Mama for Five-Minute Friday, writing for 5 minutes off-the-cuff about the assigned topic.

(Sounds like the sort of thing an English teacher would like, doesn’t it?)

Today’s prompt: Wonder


Wonder, wonderful. 

Wonderful is a word we throw around a lot: wonderful meal, wonderful day, wonderful life.

What it really means is wonder full, full of wonders.

So I can say, God, You are wonderful, full of wonders, and really mean it.

Full of wonders.  Full of miracles.  Full of strength.

Full of everything I am not, full of thoughts that are not mine.

In Him is fullness of joy.

His wonders never cease;

they spill over the rim of His presence, splashing me with awe,

with questions,

with satisfaction.

His complexity makes me wonder at Him,

wonder at myself

and my smallness,

makes me wonder why I would ever presume to know more than He does.

I wonder why I don’t instantly, confidently trust Him.

Lord, open my eyes to Your wonder.

Stop. Time’s up.

Be blessed today.



  1. Love this, Ginger! My heart reasonates. :-) And, gotta say, beautiful writing for just 5 teeny minutes! God bless you, friend.

    Found you from 5 Min Fridays!

  2. LOVE! Honest, forthright, beautiful!