Saturday, July 2, 2011

Folly Beach Love

For the first time in several years, our family spent a few days at the beach.

In our house live:

one red-head

one ghostly pale-face

two beach bums,

so going to the beach doesn’t quite have the same ring to some of us that it does for others.

Until this year.

Because this year, we discovered some secrets to beach love.

1. Washer and dryer.

No sand in sheets.

No sand dirty laundry piles at home.

2. Separate bedrooms

No hormonal teens forced to share half a hotel room.

No parents forced to share half a hotel room with hormonal teens.

The catch? (‘Cause we know there has to be one.)

Our affordable condo was located on the wrong side of a super-scary bridge.

(No picture because I was too busy mentally gripping before-mentioned teens who would have died of embarrassment if their mom had touched them on the super-scary bridge.)

Once we crossed over, here’s some things we loved: 

Gentle waves:


Cool pier:


Love at the beach:


Beach read. The next person to check this out of our library will have authentic Folly Beach sand between the pages.


Beach toes Smile—and beach broken toe Sad smile (which meant I hobbled across super-scary bridge in a moon boot.)


Secret to pale-face beach love: beach umbrella.  Some strong ocean breezes nearly sent this umbrella and me soaring to Maine like Mary Poppins.


Beach food. Jack’s Cosmic Dogs=retro-cool restaurant.


Sadly, I neglected to take pictures at the ice-cream shop where we stopped nightly.

I was too busy licking peach ice cream from a waffle cone. Yum.

This week we’re anticipating some July 4th fun with family before summer and school planning start to overlap.

Hope your summer is going great!

Be blessed,


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  1. I was just commenting on seashells elsewhere! What a neat pier! Ow, moon boot and sand. That's a struggle. Nice toenails though! I wouldn't photograph mine. I dropped a 4x4 of hardwood on my foot, got a toe, OUCH! And I think I bashed it several times before that. I know how ya feel!
    Thanks for stopping by ... I've appreciated your comments. It's been crazy here for a while. Trying to get out in virtual blog land a bit today. Amazing how wonderful it feels to visit ... great beach photos, all. Hope you didn't get too burned! I think I'm becoming allergic to sun. Seriously. Can't figure that out yet. Take care. Hugs and Love, Jenn