Tuesday, June 21, 2011


To-Do Today

1. Grocery

2. Laundry

3. First ever batch of homemade salsa

Beach Trip Menu

1. Low-Country Boil

2. Aunt Millie’s Pancakes

3. Bagels for a beach-side breakfast picnic

4. Shrimp salad

Tonight’s menu

1. Hot dogs

2. chips and salsa

3. Oreos

Beach reading list

1. On Folly Beach by Karen White

2. Chopping Spree by Dianne Motts Davidson

3. A Rose from the Dead by Kate Collins

Lessons this week in Beth Moore’s Breaking Free that messed with me

1. Day 1  Unbelief

2. Day 2 Pride

3. Day 3 Idolatry

4. Day 4 Prayerlessness

5. Haven’t gotten to day 5 yet; expecting same outcome

Spotted in the clouds while day-dreaming

1. walrus on a rock

2. rubber ducky

3. Abe Lincoln’s profile

Be blessed today!



  1. Really love this post Ginger! :)

  2. Love this lists!! A few days ago, my daughter saw the word love in a cloud... plain as day. I wished we had a camera with us!!

    Breaking Free is awesome, in a pull your insides out kind of way. :)

    Have fun at the beach!