Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Out of the Comfort Zone

A friend handled me a book to pass along to Big Red.

It never made it to him.

It landed on my nightstand

and has hit my conscience like a brick.

I don’t know anything about the author,

Dudley Hall,

beyond the title of the book,

Out of the Comfort Zone: the Church in Transition,

but this book is giving me

things to ponder.

Consider this:

“When you have a lack of love—or let’s call it what it really is: selfishness—you are not focused on others, as Jesus is; you are focused on yourself.  Such a refusal to focus on others with the love of Jesus is selfishness, and selfishness will block your hearing of the Word of God….

Selfishness causes blindness, which causes fear, which often causes pride to arise in reaction.  Those who are selfish…put up a false front of pride that prevents them from asking the needed questions.

Why are they afraid to ask Him?  They were afraid He meant what He said.”

Can I get an ouch amen?

As I ponder God’s call for me to believe Him,

I need to repent for the times

my pride and fear

prevented me from asking the right questions

for fear I already knew the answer.

So today,

I pray for open eyes

to believe

He means what He says.

Be blessed,




  1. Have you read Radical? Crazy Love? or UnChristian? The combination of all three of those has practically done me in over the course of the last year. My heart has been laid bare before the Lord and found desperately lacking.


  2. You got an "Amen" here!! Thank God for mercy and grace.