Monday, January 31, 2011

In Which I am Whiney

It is Monday.

It has been Monday--

all. day. long.


(Pictures are from Victoria…)

I was late for work,

and I hate being late.


(and are of places I’d rather be…)

It’s raining and turning cold again.


(…than here feeling grumpy.)

I am tired of teenagers,

and repeating myself

(and even those two are redundant),

and unknowns,

and people who don’t know grammar writing practice  test booklets.

Are you tired of me whining yet?

I am, so I promise to stop.

What’s happening at your place?  Was your Monday


or Fridayish,

or somewhere between?

Be blessed (and I know I am, even though I’m grouchy at the moment),



  1. hi, found your blog through a mutual friend. it's okay to whine--this is YOUR space :)

    but to give you a little perspective on cold, it's -6F here right now, and with the windchill feels like -32F. no joke. i was happy to be inside ANYWHERE even if it had to be work :) also, today was my first day at a new job, so it felt like neither a monday or a friday. it just felt weird.

    guess what? monday's almost over. cheers to a new day tomorrow!

  2. Hey friend,

    Stop by over at The Point and register for my giveaway. It includes CHOCOLATE and one of my Bible study books and that is definitely something that will make you feel better!!


  3. I was so busy that when 6:30 hit last night, all I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep. I was exhausted but hubs said, No ma'am, you are staying up until 9:30. I made it to 9:15.


  4. I am backtracking a bit and just found this post. Boy, was I glad to see it. I am glad I am not the only one who has been feeling a bit whiney. I also know that I am blessed but there are those days...

  5. Love that second photograph... somewhere I would like to be too!