Monday, January 10, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Good News: Five inches of snow! Power still on!

Bad News: Ice accumulations still in forecast.

Good News: Chicken soup in crock-pot; Pw’s cinnamon rolls safely in freezer; plenty of half and half

Bad News: Forgot to add butter and chocolate chips to emergency supply list

Good News: All laundry clean

Bad News: Laundry not folded

Good news: No school today, tomorrow, probably the next day, maybe the next. . .

Bad News: May will be a LONG month.

Good News: God is TOTALLY trustworthy.

Good News: He is TOTALLY crazy about me. 

Good News: And about you.

Be blessed!



  1. Fun post!!

    We got over a foot of snow on Saturday with over two feet one county over, and everyone's in school today! Whatever happened to a good ol' snow day?

  2. No snow in Oregon...but it's darn cold!!
    YUM Cinnamon rolls!!!!!!

  3. Fixed whole wheat chicken and noodles for lunch and laundry is done, but not completely folded. Caused me to smile, being told that Jesus' is completely crazy about me and over me.

  4. Love your post here! I want some PW cinnamon her recipes!! No snow here yet but the are calling for it Wednesday...checking my chocolate chip and butter supply now!

  5. I am very jealous.
    We haven't had snow in Japan. D:
    There was some white powder in 2009...

  6. Cute! It sounds like we are in the same boat, only my laundry awaits. Yes, May will be a long month. Even though we had snow, it's not the kind you can get out and play in. Pretty all the same.