Friday, January 28, 2011

In Sympathy

All around Blogland,

I have met beautiful sisters in Christ

with whom I have felt heart connections.

I imagine

that if we lived in the same town,

we would sit on each other’s porches,

and gab and drink coffee

and talk about life,

and decorating,

and our children,

and Jesus.


When hard or sad things happened,

we’d sit and pray and maybe just listen,

just like “real life” friends.

All the way across the country,

my blog friend Elizabeth

lost her mom this week.

It feels strange to me that I can’t jump on a plane

and go and see her

and sit and pray and just listen.

I don’t know if I will ever meet Elizabeth here on earth.

How amazing, though, that though Christ, we

will one day meet.

Maybe we’ll gab and drink coffee,

and talk about life and our children

and Jesus,

and she’ll introduce me to her mother.

Be blessed today,




  1. Ginger,
    I can't wait to meet you one day!


  2. Oh, Ginger. This is just so sweet. I am also a "friend" of Elizabeth's and have been hurting for her. I know your post will mean a lot. Very thoughtful!

  3. This is such a sweet post Ginger. My heart goes out to your friend.


  4. Wonderful

    I wish you happiness

    Please review the objective

  5. Elizabeth is in my prayers. May we all sit on that porch with coffee one day. :)

  6. It's late Saturday night. My siblings and I are just about finished with the last details for Mama's funeral on Monday. I turned on my computer for the first time in days to find so many comments that people are praying for me. You are a treasure. I love you my friend.

  7. I do love the connections that can be created through writing. My life-long best friend started as a pen-pal.