Monday, February 15, 2010

Let the Games Begin

In this year of actual snow accumulations, our family has engaged in a serious snowman building competition. Here's your chance to vote for your favorite entry of the Winter Games. (Cue the Olympic theme music.)

First up, DD#2 and I constructed a gorgeous snowwoman in bridal attire:
Isn't she lovely? She's the epitome of the Southern snowperson: short and pleasingly plump with big hair.
We thought we had secured the gold...until we spotted this:
It's Big Red marching across the yard with a colossal snowball in hand. Subsequent spying on the competition revealed this:
Wow! It's like a real, no-kidding, Yankee-style snowman!
The finished product, a debonair gentleman, ended up taller than Big Red.
So, who wins the D.I.T.H (Dwelling in the House) Olympic Snowperson Competition?
(Medals will be awarded posthumously, as rain Sunday night melted the challengers.)

The games will resume about every five years or so, since our "big" snowfalls seem to be be about that far apart.

Be blessed!


  1. I have to say it's a tough call....but I really like the hair and the lips on the snowwoman. 10! With the snowman pulling a 9.9999 :) Jenn <><

  2. I like the snowwoman in bridal attire. Her sense of style and unassuming poise is hard to resist. She's gorgeous!! :)

  3. I'm an evergreen lover so I have to pick the snowwoman. Looks like fun!

  4. I pick the snowwoman...
    Love them both!

    And, it's the lovely evergreens on top that made me vote for her.