Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm Still Here

...and listening to this over and over:

What are you listening to these days?



  1. I'm listening to the sound of whining kids. But to drown them out, here's my favorite song these days.

  2. Ha, what Kristy said above b/c I was going to say the sound of my husband coughing and then my own now and then.
    So sorry to hear about your dog. It's difficult to lose our animals. Yeah, those cats are sometimes 'a habit' aren't they? OF course I used to call the golden a shredder and the cat a paper weight. :) Jenn

  3. Lionel Richie...can you believe it?
    Tim him.
    Matt Redman...I am about to have a fit to visit Passion City Church Valentine's Evening!
    And Phil Wickham...beautiful talent.

    Hope you feel sunnier today instead of blue.