Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Caf or Decaf?

I'm needing a good girlfriend gabbing session. Want to join me?

It's too rainy to go shopping, and besides, I have no fun money. My whole paycheck is designated for paying for medical bills and cleaning out the septic tank.

Sorry for the mental picture.

Anyhoo, let's have a cup of coffee and sit a spell.

I'll have hazelnut decaf with lots of cream and a chocolate chip cookie. Or two. These are virtual calories, after all.

Over here, we're counting down the hours until this long-term subbing job is done, and our family can get back on our previous non-routine routine. There are pros and cons both ways, but for now, we've found that one-day-at-a-time subbing works okay for us.

I'm doing some devotionals for a small group that's meeting this weekend. God hasn't told me what to say yet.
I'm not panicking.
Somehow I think resting in Him and not panicking are part of the topic.

It's raining,raining, raining here. Forecast for tomorrow? Snow showers and more rain.

I was sorely tempted by a pair of blue and yellow plaid galoshes at Wal-mart this afternoon.
Did you know they even still made those?

Unfortunately, I was not tempted to buy dog food.

Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't yawning, I promise. 5:00am was a LONG time ago.

So, what's going on at your place?

What is God teaching you about these days?

I'll get us a refill.



  1. Girl! I would love a cup and a cookie, too. The wind is blowing around here, I can hear the rattle of the window screens. No fire in the fireplace tonight, but it's getting cooler by the hour.

    By the way, I had raspberries and cream coffee by Millhouse (those itty-bitty bags) the other day and LOVED it!

    What is God teaching me right now? Well, I'm reading Leviticus and I'm finding out that He wants me Holy. Pure. Obedient. 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb is an awesome book.

    And I'm enjoying Quiet Time. I try to stay in the Word and enjoy the seclusion I have with Christ right now as I'm seeing Him make some changes in my life.

    He is MY God...

  2. I'll have a hot cocoa with extra whipped cream please.

    Over here, I'm just feeling really bummed out about our sicknesses. Three kids down with strep throat. I have strep throat. I'm feeling pretty inadequate as a mother. I mean, shouldn't I be able to keep everyone healthy? Ugh.

    And I've been struggling with my will versus God's will for me. I really do have a neat little plan for my life, but He's been calling me lately to do something so different from what I WANT to do and I'm scared. I feel like there are two of me... the silly, friendly mommy Kristy and the Kristy with this secret that is not going away and I need to just do what God is telling me to do with it. It seems like God is directing every quiet time back to this.... I have great plans for you. Just let me lead. I have major control issues.

    In other news, I've been eating right and doing moderate exercise and my last year's jeans are fitting. :) And my favorite store, the JC Penney Outlet is having a great sale on spring t-shirts this week! I can't wait for that.

    We have a snow day here. The kids are all sick, but they're being so good. I guess I should finish my hot cocoa and go play with them.

    Thanks Ginger! It's good to chat with you!! And the galoshes sounds adorable. You should totally buy them. :)

  3. Hi ladies - that hot chocolate with whipped cream sounds good!

    I had no idea galoshes were still around. It's been raining here, cold, sleeting at times. Water has been standing in the yards. Beats the nasty drought we've had. A few breaks of sunshine here and there have been welcome relief to the grey days. We're headed for more bad weather the next couple of days though.

    We've been sick here too. And, we have family members with serious health issues that have surfaced recently and seem to be accelerating fast. Not easy to handle.

    My cuz read a verse to me, from Job17:9, out of The Book. It says "The righteous will move onward and forward and those with pure hearts will become stronger and stronger."

    That's some blessing and promises there!

    Good visiting w/you, thanks Ginger! Y'all take care!