Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keepin' It Real

This blog is frequently read (and edited) by my kids. These precious ones are old enough to have opinions about what Mom writes. For the most part, I am glad they care about my musings enough to read along.

Out of respect for their privacy, I have talked very little about the day-to-day parenting stuff we do around here. Much of my speaking and one-on-one ministry to women comes out of the challenging places we've walked with our kids over the years. I'm grateful that God is taking some of my most spectacular failures and using them to speak to someone else. He's good like that.

Today, in this place, I just want to say that parenting is hard.

If I ever get to thinking that I know a lot, my teen and pre-teen are here to remind me that I don't know much of anything, really.

I am not particularly wise or patient or loving.

Some days, I'm not witty or clever enough to come up with something funny to diffuse a tense situation.

None of my Goodwill runs have uncovered a crystal ball to make up for my lack of insight.

This week I'm meditating on I Peter 4:8.
"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."

Love covers over a multitude of sins, mine and my kids.

Love is the balm, the salve on the wound of humanity.

Where I have bruised and bumped my children's hearts unintentionally (and, let's face it, sometimes intentionally because I reacted out of my flesh), the agape love of Christ can heal.

Amazingly, Christ loved me the same way, with a love that forgives, soothes, rescues. While my face was turned away from Him, He demonstrated His love for me by His death on the cross. He loved me from a austere and lonely place, a painful place.

His love hurt.

While my child's face is turned away from me, I follow Christ's command to die to myself and love her through the pain.

Because sometimes love hurts.

Be blessed today,


  1. Same principle holds true in marriage. No kids in this house, but I can certainly identify.


  2. I have kids your kids ages. I understand the battle to love unconditionally. I cannot love like Christ in my own strength. Only in Him can I love well. I have SO much to learn. Good thing our God is a loving and patient parent and teacher and friend. :)

    Hold on to Him. He's got you covered. NOT in sin, wrapped head to toe in perfect love. Your kids too...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  3. Hi, sweet ones who call Ginger "Mom!" Be patient with her. After all, she's just a grown-up little girl at heart...

    I'm thankful for my godly parents today and the discipline that they taught me in love.

    And sometimes with a much-deserved spanking!

  4. Ginger - thanks for this post (sorry if you get a million comments from me... I'm trying to figure out why they're not working for me). My friend and I were talking yesterday about how HARD it is to have little ones. But we both agree that it probably gets harder as they kids get older.

    Sometimes I feel sorry for my kids that they're stuck with me! But I know God brought us together for a reason!

  5. Ginger, our kids are the same age. I love this post. Thank you.

  6. Well said. Lovingly said. Amazingly said. Said. Amen. Love, Jenn <><