Saturday, September 28, 2013

31 Days

October's almost here, and all around the web, bloggers are posting for 31 days on every topic under the sun.
This year, I'm trying to be one of them.
There's a slight concern.
What, after all,do I have to talk about for 31 days straight?
Lesson plans?  Most of you, as far as I can tell, aren't teachers and might be bored into a coma.
Pinterest projects?  I'd like to say I'd get that done, but we both know that would be an epic fail.
Devotionals? Maybe.
Photos?  Could be doable.
Chocolate recipes? Hmmm....
My mind flitted from one idea to another until inspiration struck this morning right in the middle of my second cup of coffee.
Why would the World's Most Overwhelmed Blogger attempt 31 days of posting?

For a while now, I've been running on grace and a Saturday sleep-in, and I had my eyes focused on the King.
But school started
, and we had eleventy-million parent conferences in one week,
 and I got behind grading papers, 
and 116 blank stares looked back at me when I explained topic sentences.
Then in a meeting
 I sat all by myself out on a limb 
(where I'm pretty sure God put me), 
and it wasn't fun in the least bit (though necessary),
 and I cried
 and discovered that once I started, 
it was difficult to stop.
Like most perfectionists, when I get overwhelmed, I shut down. 
 Doing anything productive takes longer than  a bill through Congress.
Planning my errand list this morning, I realized it was time to do some things I'd been putting off,
 and that made me think of other things I'd avoided,
 and I knew I wanted to get focused.
In the Gospels, Jesus talks a lot about following and focusing-
 following Him and focusing on the right priority (Him).  
This month, will you walk with me 
as I follow hard after Christ and refocus on Him?  
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Be blessed,