Monday, September 23, 2013

Favorite Fall Mantel

Now that September is nearly over, I'm finally here to show you my favorite fall mantel evah, my accidental school-themed mantel.  It was a bit like the best of lesson plans, uninspired at the outset but ending with an ah-ha! moment that makes the whole thing work.
It begins with a few pencils and books and the antique chalkboard that appears here regularly.  

There it sat until I hit the jackpot in my basement, where my rummaging around unearthed class pictures from my mother's college and teaching days. 

 Strung from a twine and miniature clothespins, they added the perfect vintage touch.  

Don't they all look spiffy?  
They look considerably more pulled together than I do on my best days.
I love it when my favorite vintage looks are also meaningful.
I wish my mom could see it, though if she's anything like me, she won't remember anyone's name.  
(I have trouble with kids I taught last year; sixty years later isn't looking hopeful!)
Be blessed,

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