Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Musings: Hello, Again

Hello, Monday!
Hello, second week of school.  Please don't be as long as the first one.
Hello, rain-and flash-flood watch.  I can't remember a time when the ground didn't squish under my feet.
Hello, unseasonably cool weather.  I'd love for you to stick around as long as you'd like.
Hello, high school.  DD#2 is stressed to the max by you.  You're making me glad my one of my best friends does my hair color.
Hello, garden veggies!  So very glad to see you, though I find you a bit overwhelming.
Hello, migraine.  All this rain...dropping barometric pressure..ugh.
Hello, decisions and prayers.  Change is swirling around us, and yet we don't have a word yet except "wait."  So we wait. 
What's are you waiting on this Monday?
Be blessed,

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