Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Love Story

If you've read this blog for long ( and someone is reading this blog, aren't you?), you may have gathered that it's been a weird year so far at the 'House.  Not bad, per se, just...odd.
God is up to stuff.  Silent stuff. Loud stuff.  
Church stuff.  Personal calling stuff.  School stuff.  Kid stuff.  Answering prayer stuff.  
I don't know what it's all for or where it's all going, but I know it's going somewhere.
Maybe gradually, maybe all-at-once, we may find out the why.
Or maybe we won't know this side of heaven.  
That's okay, too.

Earlier in the summer, someone asked me to write my "faith story."  If it's not too late, I still want to, but I admit I kept putting it off.
I was waiting on the Big Finish, the Concluding Statement, the Object Lesson.
You know, the "Through it all, I've learned...."

It hasn't come yet, not for this chapter, anyway.
This is the faith story in progress, as all good faith stories are, really.
Otherwise we're a)not really walking in faith in Christ  or b) are already in His Presence in Heaven.

In this faith story, we're somewhere in the rising action.  The conflicts are still developing--(wo)man against herself, against the world, against the thousands of little (and large) life pitfalls that separate the real from the fictional.

It's a faith story.
But it's really a love story.
In it my Prince came, 
and He loved me.

He has written the story,
beginning to end.
He's the Hero, and He wins.  (He's won already.)
(And since I'm riding on the back of the white horse, holding on for dear life, I win, too.)
Be blessed,


  1. yes I am here - I am reading! I would love to read your faith story! There are several moments in my life I go to - that remind me and show me He is there, that He is faithful, that He does answer prayers!!

    thank you for sharing here - thank you for being my friend!


  2. And He's holding on to you too! I can't wait to read about what God has been up to in the middle of this messy season you're going's gonna be good!