Thursday, August 15, 2013

15 Seconds

By the end of the first day, 
both principals,
every teacher,
and the school resource officer
knew his name.
Notoriety from Day 1 is not a good sign.

Yesterday, after a particularly unlovely exchange,
I walked with him down the hall to the principal's office.

Then the Holy Spirit came, in that way that He does. 

Something in the words He gave me raised the veil.
For a moment 
I saw the 
and for 15 seconds, 
my heart 
welled up with compassion,
and I knew him
as a boy Jesus loved.

Today will, in all likelihood, be a rough day.
So will tomorrow, and possible every day after.
Grammar can't address his sin.
Teachers can't change lives--Jesus can.

Yet, I don't think I will forget
15 seconds 
when Christ lifted the curtain,
and I saw.

Be blessed today,

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  1. Oh, Ginger. Praying for that boy and for you and praying hard that you might make a difference in his life - that Jesus might make a difference in his life.