Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello, Monday: Hit the Ground Running

Ever had a weekend that wasn't quite as weekend-y as you thought it would be?
Had one of those.
Saturday was a good day in some ways, but it was overshadowed by bad (no, more than bad; horrific) news, and I've spent a lot of the weekend praying to know what to say and how to say it.
Fortunately, today was a diagnostic testing day for ELA, so it was quieter than usual today in my room.

Some hellos:
Hello, heat!  

You waited until the last week of August to show up, about the time I always hope you'll go away.  Don't stick around long; I enjoyed your absence.
Hello, stomach bug.  You've arrived early, and you need to vanish quickly.
Hello, teenage hormones.  When you're gone, it will mean my kids are grown.
 I have a love-hate relationship with this truth.
Hello, tomatoes.  You're taking over the counter. 
 That means I should do something with you, doesn't it?
Hello, questions.
 Questions, questions, and more questions.

You are the faith story in progress.
Be blessed,


  1. My heart sunk when you said you got horrible new. Whatever it is, I'm praying right now!

  2. Hi friend!

    So very sorry to hear you received horrific news - I will pray for you - for God to bring to you whatever you need to get through!

    I am so behind in blogging - so much on my mind and heart and its so challenging to take the time to write!


    P.S. your laundry room looks GREAT! :)