Monday, April 29, 2013

Turn a Frown Upside Down: Gratitude and Perspective

That title sounds like a kindergarten teaching unit and a theological discourse collided!
Be that as it may, this month I've been meditating on Philippians 2:4: "Do everything without complaining or arguing."
Note to self: verse selection = a test on the subject.  Just sayin'.
As spring fever and state testing dominate our work week (talk about worlds colliding), girlfriends, I need help with that not complaining part.  Woo-wee.
So, without further ado, I present perspective, gratitude style.
I'm thankful for:
--a job doing something I enjoy.
--tests (and students) that keep me humble, seeking new ideas, and challenged.
--spring weather while I finish my last few days of car-rider duty!  
--longer days that make evening errands more pleasant; coming out of pastor search meetings with streaks of sunset in the sky is far superior to driving home in deary darkness.
--rain when new chartreuse leaves glow against ebony tree trunks
--sunshine after rain
--girls that speak their minds (even if they need to adjust tones) and think about issues and ideas
--a small group at church that prays with faith and power and challenges me to ask God for great things
--a worship team who lets me join in
--friends who speak words of blessing and perspective
--a godly husband
--laundry, because it means we have clothing--more than we need
--dishes, because they mean we were well-fed
--grocery shopping and yes, even Walmart (okay, maybe not) because we are able to purchase what we need
--the library, which might be one of the most perfect wonderful of inventions ever.
--delphinium and peony plants that may, Lord willing, bloom and grow.
What's given you some perspective this week?
Be blessed, 

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  1. Perspective? Well, it's been an amazing week. This weekend God changed my perspective around completely on a particular thorny issue that's been upsetting me for weeks. He picked me up, turned me round and put me back down again surrounded with wise, insightful people who gently spoke the truth and helped me to rescue a situation that I thought was lost.
    God is good indeed.
    Praising him for bright green leaves on the the trees, mild evenings and good, good friends.
    Thank you.