Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello, Monday: Gone but not Forgotten (I Hope)

Hello, Monday!
I wasn't around here last week.  Sorry.
It's not you; it's me.
I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee last Friday and was so stinkin' tired that I FORGOT her.  
Instead, I lay on my couch with a book and dared anyone to speak to me.
Pathetic, I tell you.  Pitiful.  
She forgave me because she's just like that, and we're meeting tomorrow.  
The alarm is set on my phone.
People, when you need an alarm to remind you to get coffee with a friend, you need some margins.  
Or some ginko biloba.

Moving on.  
Hello, state testing week.  Ready--or not--here you come.
Hello, spring fever.  You explain why I was worn.out. this past week.  You make corralling 7th graders for a test they care nothing about even more fun than it already is.
Hello, spring.   I heart you and your greenness. 
Hello, Aaa -pollen- choo.
Bless you.
Hello, science fair projects (pinhole camera, anyone?), college visits (sniff!), concert practices, and assorted other errands.  You mean May is near.  Which means summer is near.  Which is a rather nice idea at the moment, actually.
So, what have I missed over your way?
Be blessed this week,


  1. Margins....never thought about using that word that way...but it fits. Hope you have a great week.

  2. Good Morning! Great post. I agree with Leah (above) ... I had not used the word "margins" before - but it is a great way to revisit the need for priorities, structure and boundaries! I haven't been by in a long time. I was working in Blogger and saw your post so, came by. I recently reopened by old blogger platform ... yep. Again. It's a Blogger v. WordPress v. Blogger thing.

    College? Wow! I agree, "Sniff". Time has passed hasn't it?

    Take care! Jenn

  3. PS - love the yellow in your header. I had to have yellow (WP blog has it now) but I went back to pink buttercups on Google - kind of happened when I couldn't get the look I wanted w/another setting. But yellow is so happy! Great header photos!


  4. Hi! you haven't missed over my way! Except that I went to a wedding Saturday - the mother of the bride, babysat me and I use to sit on her lap in church, I babysat the bride, she use to sit on my lap in church and the bride babysat my kids - they sat her lap! It was such a lovely feeling of family - so much love in the church that evening, makes me cry just thinking about it!