Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Morning: Spring Break

The weatherman declares that spring is on the way in a day or two, but today winter wins.  It's blustery and gray and wet, and I am savoring my quiet house.
My morning in a collage:
1. I love this room. The color (Cowslip 3 by Laura Ashley) makes me happy; it cheers a gloomy day and glows in the sun.  The Mrs/Mr pillows were a wedding gift gone wrong; I was afraid to share them, but the imperfection doesn't bother us. 
2. Studying 1John at the kitchen table, coffee and Kari Jobe at the ready.
3. Made a coffee cake.  Half has weight-watchers friendly blackberries; the other side has teenager friendly chocolate chips.  Their mama loves them, even if they pretend they don't know this most days.
4. Stood out in the rain to get this shot of blooms I planted yesterday before the clouds came.  Pansies tell me winter will end.  I like that about them.  
Not pictured: laundry.
Not pictured: the piles of winter clothes on the bed, soon to be sorted into keep/give away/wishful thinking stacks.  
Not pictured: ungraded papers. 
 This is spring break, after all.
Be blessed, 


  1. Hi Ginger,
    So glad you stopped by my blog.

    Love your collage--glad you didn't post the pics of ungraded papers--ha--as a former school teacher, I can just imagine what those piles look like--

    Enjoy your break!

  2. yay for spring break; yay for imperfect favorites!; yay for coffee cake anyway! yay for a quite house and coffee and Him!!

    yay for you Ginger! :)


  3. Love your pillow cases and yellow walls!
    Have a happy holiday and enjoy your pansies. Mine haven't shown their little faces yet. Spring, where are you?