Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little Spots of Joy

Today is my birthday.
It's a simple pleasures day.
Big Red took me to breakfast, which is one of our favorite dates.
Today and tomorrow are staff-development days.  School days without students are *almost* like holidays.
My desk is clean(er), and I've got a rough plan for the days up until state testing.
At home, my girls had folded clothes and cooked supper, and DD#1 is making me peanut butter chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache. (About eleventy-million WW points.)
Big Red bought me a travel mug so I'd stop swiping his.
I bought wrinkle cream. *wink*
What are your simple pleasures?
Be blessed,


  1. Happy happy birthday! So glad you have had a good day!

  2. Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday! May you feel as blessed and loved this year as you truly are!! So thankful to have connected with you!!

    Simple pleasures for me are NOT working so much overtime lately; evening walks and red vines!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. It sounds like a joyous and well-loved day. Happy Birthday Ginger. Gin

  3. HAPPY DAY YOU WERE BORN!!! I'm sorry to be late in offering birthday wishes. I hope it was a wonderful day!!