Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello, Monday

Hello, Monday, the only day of the week that I seem to manage a blog post lately.  What is it about late winter that sucks the deep thoughts into a deep pit?
Hello, winter.  We've met, haven't we?  You're killing me.  More accurately, you're killing my hydrangeas, and that will never do.
Hello, Easter songs.  You're a mix of old and new this year, and I am really looking forward to Sunday.
Hello, Zion album.  On repeat.
Hellooooo...spring break-next-week!  Can you hear me?  Hurry and get here quickly!

Making it to 100 today!
100.  My siesta scripture memory spiral
101.  Good times with Big Red
102.  An unexpected lunch date with friends and lots of laughs
103. Having my teen admit (kind of, sort of, and definitely reluctantly) that her mom was....right 
104. Hillsong
105. Heaters
106. Jeans week at school 
107. Some kids in my last period class that make the day better, every day.
108. Clean clothes
109. Clean clothes folded
110 Clean clothes folded by someone else
111. A super-sanitized refrigerator, courtesy of Big Red, who takes his cleaning seriously.
112. An hour-long massage--an much-appreciated birthday gift!
113. Hazelnut lattes
114. Blog friends    

What's on your Monday list?
Be blessed, 
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  1. Yay for spring break! Yay for your daughter, sort of, apologizing! :)

  2. ditto to number 114 - I am thankful them too!! and 103 made me smile!!

    hope you are having a good week!