Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello Monday: Back to Blessings and Blogging

Hello, Monday!
Hello, winter!  Isn't your time about up?
Hello, daylight savings time! I'll like you...eventually. Today, not so much.
Hello, dark-drive-to-school.  You're one reason I'm not a fan of this time transition.
Hello, library books.  I hadn't replaced you in a while (hello, huge library fine), but this weekend I went on a major reading marathon and immersed myself in fictional complications instead of real ones.
Hello, pastor search team.  Speaking of complicated things...

In the midst of this list lies another one, blessings all...
82. enough rain to replenish the earth
83. electricity!
84. a car that's paid for! and gets me to work each day
85. libraries
86. books...and more books
87. when God shows up and blows us away 

Be blessed,


  1. Oh Ginger, I pray for you and your church as you make this very important decision. I ask for God's wisdom for all and for His will to be made clear.

  2. finding a new pastor is such a big thing and calls for God's wisdom at every step. Praying he provides wonderfully! Welcome back.

  3. oh, sorry about your winter still hanging on!

    yes yes and yes to #87


  4. Really enjoyed reading your hello monday. Searching for a pastor is so hard. Prayers for you and your church! I love reading your blessings too!

  5. Wow at all those lovely blessings. Mondays are a great time to make a list then toss it if there's no way to get everything completed. I try to make list with no more than three things for one day so I can tell my husband that I got everything done on my list. Things that must be done everyday go on a special separate list so that I feel good about those too.