Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maybe It’s Just Me…

There comes a point in every 7th grade teacher’s year

when her students turn into

mini-8th graders.

(Like, right about now.)

This means, among other things, that they get



Every amazing teaching idea,


or joke

falls flat as yesterday’s pancakes.

One day they are interesting people interested in interesting things (well, some of them),

and the next,


This year I have noticed a strange phenomenon.

As I’ve racked my brain for ways to turn

lessons on sentence structure

into something more exciting than the cafeteria’s menu,

I’ve evolved into the

World’s Most Boring Blogger.

I’ve got nothing.




When I get home,

I do laundry,

cook supper,

and navigate (usually unsuccessfully)

dark waters of teenage drama.


and read cozy mysteries.

(Some of you secretly watch Oprah;

I read light-weight novels.

Pick your fluff.)

Alas, right now I have no stunning posts

on any of these subjects.

All the deep stuff

isn’t for public consumption

right now.

So, for today,

the most exciting news here

is whatever is exciting

over there

where you are.

What’s happening at your place this week?

Be blessed,



  1. Well... today we had a thunderstorm warning, tornado warning and winter snowstorm warning all within a 24 hour period. Good times. :

    School will be out soon, don't worry!

  2. I have to admit, I'm just about as exciting as you are. Though, like Kristy, we went from 72 degrees yesterday to 36 degrees today. No snow storm though.

  3. Just want to tell you I'm praying for you right now...I know how challenging the end of the school year can be!