Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Odds and Ends (More Odd than anything)

I have about 15 seconds to write this post, but I wanted to throw some stuff out there for the world to see.

1. First, a shout-out to my new followers!  I’ve noticed your arrival over the last few weeks, I appreciate you so much!  Thanks for reading.  I promise to one day make sense. Pinky-promise.

PS I heart comments. ;-0

2. The Apple Bistro Pizza was fabulous! ( You should trust me, Kristy!)  A tad less garlic would have suited Big Red, but overall, it’s a winner.

3. Local gals: Nov. 13 is the Fall Ladies’ Gathering at our church.  Please join us! I’m speaking.  Pray hard.

4. Kinda makes you want to say hmmmm……  I read an article that pointed out a bizarre phenomenon: both Oprah and NBC hosted discussions on improving education featuring “experts”—but NO teachers.

Um. An expert in education who isn’t an educator.  Let me ponder this while I grade papers, plan lessons, wait until my planning time to go the bathroom teach.

6.  I’m done fussing, promise.

7. For now.

8. My one-year blogaversary is coming up soon!   A celebration is in order.

9. One day soon it will be autumn and stay autumn for more than three days.  I wait expectantly.

10.  That’s all for now! Be blessed, imaginary friends! 



  1. I'm glad the apple pizza was a success! I still can't bring myself to try it :).

    I love your random posts! You make perfect sense to me!

  2. YaY on your one year blogoversary. So true about everyone having an opinion on education while the people in the trenches just keep plodding along!

  3. May God bless you and fill you with every word He would have you to say at your church.

  4. #4-hilarious, great point, and so true. You know, in a way, a lot of the world seems to be like this interview thing. If a famous person is great at one thing, then they must be an expert on everything else. I guess it just goes to show that we shouldn't assume things.