Thursday, August 5, 2010

To-Do List

This week’s To-Do List:

* Write a fascinating, enthralling, profound blog post---In progress

* Exercise—should have happened an hour ago; coming later, I promise

* Wake up grumpy daughter—check, unfortunately

* Do today’s Bible Study lesson in Jesus, the One and Only—can’t wait

*Turn on praise music, ‘cause we need some praisin’ around here--soon

* Prepare marinades for chicken and beef and freeze—this morning

* Fix muffin, pancake, and waffle mixes for the freezer—check, finally!

* Laundry, laundry, laundry—in progress

*Write fascinating, enthralling, profound lesson plans—s-l-o-w-l-y in progress

Not on To-Do List but Did Anyway:

* Cleaned entire pack of Big Red’s melted gum out of dryer—check

How’s your day?





  1. Ginger,
    My dad will consist of

    -driving my husband's friend to the airport (which is an hour each way)

    -putting the kids' school supplies into their backpacks (to get them out of the way)

    -taking a bunch of stuff to Goodwill (and probably bringing home ever more stuff, because that's what happens when I go to Goodwille)

    -stopping at the Orchard for cantelope and corn on the cob for tomorrow night's soup kitchen

    -Walmart to pick up milk and make a return

    -breakfast, lunch, dinner, start laundry for the week

    -finishing up Breaking Free by Beth Moore... I'm almost there

    -some sort of exercise (does jaunting through Walmart count?)

    One second thought... I don't really want to do anything today :).

    Have a great day Sistah!

  2. Well, I just woke up an hour ago (11:00) because I was up 'til 3:00 am.



    Dropping off my donated clothes to the church.

    Dropping off my son with grandpa. They are going fishing tonight.

    Going to Walmart.


    Reading my Bible.

    And I'm sure there will be a few things thrown in that I'm not aware of yet.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Melted gum in the dryer?? EEeewwww!!! Not a fun job.

    I'm not having much productivity today. Gonna go through my clothes and start getting rid of stuff. Too much stuff.

  4. Oooohhhh, don't ya hate the gum in the dryer deal?


  5. Gum in the dryer is the worst!