Monday, August 16, 2010

From the Teacher’s Desk: Of Peas and Plans


It was my plan today to write a marvelous post about getting organized the night before so that mornings run smoothly.

Then I broke my own rule. 

Last night, after returning home from our church small group, I discovered that the field peas I was in process of shelling would not fit in the refrigerator. 

Change of plans: blanch peas for freezer instead of getting ready for school today.

In the midst of this, DD#1 discovered that she also had broken a cardinal rule in our home: getting her dirty clothes to the laundry on Saturday so that there are no last minute cries of “ I have nothing to wear!!”

Change of plans, Part B: DD#1 throwing clothes in the wash instead of relaxing before bed. 

All this mini-chaos resulted in a grumpy household and a later bedtime than I needed before today’s 5:00 am wake-up. 

Best laid plans gone awry.

The moral of the story:

Get ready for Monday on Sunday afternoon.  A few minutes before we left for church Sunday evening—or better yet, thinking ahead a little more on Saturday—would have kept the wolves at bay Sunday evening.

During the week, a few extra minutes of planning in the evening can save the morning from potential meltdown. 

If you can do it the day before, get it done.

You’ll thank me in the morning.

Be blessed today!



  1. Ginger, this is a hard rule, but one that I try to follow. I am not a morning person, so my goal is to get as much as I can finished the night before... from emptying the dishwasher to packing lunches, etc... On the other hand, I love and crave my quiet evenings. But I hate mornings more :).

    Another great tip from our resident teacher. Are you sure you're not writing these just for me?? :)

  2. Very good advice!! I'm all about getting things set up way ahead of time so that the morning is more at ease. But, like you, when things work out that I don't do it...CHAOS!!

    Thanks for the reminder!!

  3. This is not always easy, but it is always worth the effort. I like to plan meals and grocery lists (if at all possible) on Sunday as well as make sure the laundry is in order. You never know what will pop up as the week goes.


  4. Awesome advice! On Saturday afternoon I have the very next week's work clothes hung up in order Monday - Friday just runs smoother..enjoye blog tremendously