Sunday, August 22, 2010

In Pursuit of the Cheesecake of Life


(photo: Taste of Home)

Ever get cravings? 

I mean, you really, really NEED chocolate right that moment, or ice cream, or maybe potato chips.

Sometimes, if I have to go to the grocery late in the afternoon or too close to lunchtime, food that otherwise disgusts me suddenly entices. 

Cheese Whiz!  I remember eating that when I was a little kid.

Swiss Rolls!  Yum!

Chips Ahoy!  Hey, they have chocolate, and right now, I NEED chocolate!

This weekend, we had a bit of family drama involving the teenager at our house.

Sometimes she’s craving food that isn’t healthy for her in large quantities right now.

Things like control and independence.

Kind of like when she was two.  The teen years are toddlerhood remixed.

So anyway, there was yelling.

From mother.  From daughter.

There were  tears.

From mother.  From daughter.

Then, finally, there was grace.

From Christ Jesus.

When my sweet older one came looking for forgiveness, I asked if I could pray. 

She leaned her head against my chest, and I asked the Lord for grace to pray as I should for this fragile, precious heart.

Speak blessing.  From the mouth comes power for blessing and cursing.  Speak blessing.”

So, by the power of His Holy Spirit, I did.

Over her head, the Holy Spirit spoke passion for Him, zeal for His House, love for His people.

I prayed that my girl would lose her craving for lesser things, for the Little Debbies of life her enemy will throw in her path to distract her from God’s best.

I want her to crave His glorious, perfect blessing over her life.

Why eat a Swiss Roll when Toffee Caramel Cheesecake awaits you?

When we had blessed the name of the Lord together, you know what my girl did?

Marched herself right into the kitchen to find a recipe for cheesecake.

Tomorrow I’ll share  the recipe.  Today I share the blessing.

Be consumed by His best.  Be blessed today.



  1. Oh yes, I am starving for His best. Whatever it is, whatever it looks like..even when it is not what I think is best. I long for His best in my life.

    Enjoy that cheesecake!


  2. Oooh. That was good. Better than cheesecake but they go together nicely!

    Here's a hug for both of you.((((00))))

  3. Love the analogy Ginger!! So, so true. Thank you for sharing this blessing with us and reminding us to hunger and pursue God's best.