Friday, July 30, 2010

From the Teacher’s Desk: Routine Maintenance


It’s August, which here in the South means schools starts in just a few weeks.  Those of you in the North are beginning your last month of summer vacation, and you don’t want to talk about school.  You have some choices now: a) keep reading so you can be the super-organized, on-top-of-it parent next month; b) cover your ears (eyes?) and go “blah, blah, blah, I don’t want to talk about school!”; or c) put a virtual sticky note somewhere and come back to this when you are ready.

Notice I didn’t suggest leaving your computer and going to lie in the hammock with a book.  Teachers never  admit that an assignment might be optional.  (Kids who most need extra credit rarely do it; Sally Over-Achiever does it and gets a 105 on her test.)   This post is necessary, like vitamins or toothpaste.

As school approaches, reestablishing school routines can help the transition feel less like a bucket of cold water on your head.  At least two weeks before the first day, begin going to bed a little earlier and getting up at a more realistic hour.  Our bodies need time to adjust to a new rhythm.  Once school begins, I’m up by 5:00 am.  If I don’t acclimate my body to that well before it becomes a necessity, I’m in trouble!

If you have teenagers, this process will be met with much moaning, groaning, and cries for mercy.  Ask me how I know.

For younger children, adjust not only bedtime, but also mealtimes.  If you can, find out when your child’s grade will go to lunch.  Some schools must begin serving lunch at strangely early hours.  (One of my kids had lunch at 10:50!  Who wants tacos at 10:50?)   Modifying your home routine may keep your child from refusing lunch (and then being miserable two hours later) or being positively ravenous (and therefore miserable) before lunch is served. 

If you persevered to the end of this post. you get an A+! 

Enjoy these last summer days (but set your alarm.)  Be blessed!



  1. I get an A+...and so do you! Thanks for the reminder. Much needed!

  2. Great advice Ginger! I need to make sure the kids are getting up earlier and earlier... but I love the quiet time I have in the morning while they're in bed :).

  3. We homeschool, so we have a little more flexibility, which I sure like. Good luck on your school year.

  4. Hey I persevered and I don't even have children!!


  5. I go back to seminary in 4 weeks, so I think I'll take this advice for myself. Gotta get into that "gettin' up and goin'" routine.

  6. As much as I would like to cover my ears and blah blah blah, this is good advice. I never want school to start.


  7. I get an A+ too, but then again I am one of those rare individuals/teacehrs that loves the routine and can't wait to get back to work! Great post!