Monday, May 24, 2010

Total Fluffy Randomness

I am BRAIN DEAD from lack of sleep (for very good reasons, but still true), so just to prove I am still alive in blogland, I give you

A DaY in the Life

Monday Edition

Outside my window: Grey skies, green leaves, and hydrangeas tinged with blue

I am thinking: Take that back.  I’m not thinking.  It requires too much energy.

I am thankful: For lovely ladies to work with and pray for this weekend; for an amazing hubby who prays for me and puts out fires at home while I’m off praying for other people

In the kitchen: Strawberries, sweet potatoes, squash, and green beans, awaiting the opportunity to be part of our supper

I am wondering: How to combine said fruits and veggies into anything supper-ish

I am looking forward to: A good (read: long) night’s rest

I am reading: Radical  by David Platt. . . and Apple Turnover Murder by Joanna Fluke. It’s how my mind works.  Bizarre, I know.

I am hoping:  Big Red avoids knee surgery after an injury a few weeks back; that I can get my act together for school without ruining our whole summer.

Around the house: Unpacked suitcases

One Two of my favorite things: French roast coffee this morning after a weekend of the weak stuff.

Hydrangeas, which just say “summer” to me.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Back up at the school tomorrow for meetings with department heads

A picture: Totally random picture of seagull taken at the beach this spring; the girls are hoping for a return visit this summer.DSC02331

Hoping to be more interesting tomorrow!  Be blessed today!



  1. Cute post. How very clever of you.

    Hope your weekend was great!


  2. Love this! I might steal the idea. And the strawberries and veggies should just be eaten out of a bowl :).