Monday, May 10, 2010

Fly-By Monday


Flying by Monday morning to say

--I should know something official this week about whether I’m full-time at this teaching stuff next year :-)

--off today to sub for the band director;

-- praying he’s left a movie and not something musical since I know NOTHING about orchestra instruments;

--wearing a jacket today ($2—thrift store :-) ) since we’re in the midst of blackberry winter here

--wondering if any of you have read Radical yet; I haven’t but it is definitely on my list;

--trying to get back on my walking routine—but not enough to get up at 5:00 to do it;

--had the most fun Mother’s Day hanging out with all my favorite people!

--hoping you had a great weekend as well and praying for your good week ahead!




  1. I just so enjoy your posts. Thanks for stopping by today too! I dropped down and read to catch up. I LOVE the headboard and thoroughly enjoyed the commentary! :) And then, I read about your mom. Wow. I'm so glad she had you and that the LORD had her! I'm glad she pulled through and it's a blessing she doesn't remember ... even one that you do. You get to remember what God has done and she gets to experience it. AMen! Thanks, Jenn

  2. What is blackberry winter???? Is it like Indian summer?

    I can't wait to hear about the full time job!!!! Hopefully you get the news you want!