Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Belated Bloggy Birthday or Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

I confess.
I'm nervous.
I feel like a middle-schooler at dance.
In my heart I'm dancing, but my feet won't move.
What if someone laughs at me? What if I make a complete fool of myself?
What if no one ever reads this and I'm just making a fool out of myself into cyber-air?

A year ago, I barely knew what a blog was, and when I did figure that much out, I never expected to become a blogger. I mean really, does anyone care what I had for breakfast (raisin toast), what my kids did this week (made me laugh, encouraged me to write this post, occasionally got on my nerves), or even what God is speaking to me (trust me on this one, Ginger)? I'm still not sure about that.
But I am sure of this.
Many of you bloggers out there have made me care what your kids did this week, what God is speaking to you about, and even, every now and again, what you had for breakfast.
After stalking the LPM blog for several months, I randomly clicked on a link and discovered a whole sisterhood of Christ followers, hungry for the Word, sorting out big and small life issues, and fellowshipping with a whole host of wonderful, encouraging "imaginary" friends who'd never laid eyes on each other.
What an amazing invention, the blog.

There is much I don't know yet.
How to give a huge linky shout-out to His Princess and Leah over at the Point for being willing to follow me before I even wrote a post!
How to link you to some of my other favorite imaginary friends on the Web.
How to post a picture of myself...or maybe a picture of the incredible cosmos in my yard, which is way more photogenic than I.

I'll figure it out. I'll follow my sweet, encouraging daughter's advice:"Mama, leave comments and ASK FOR HELP!"

In the meantime, I'm still praying and asking the Lord to take this blog on the same wide ride He's been taking our family on for a while now. May He use it for His glory.
For Your Name and Your renown is the desire of my heart.

Looking forward to meeting you,


  1. Hi Ginger!

    Welcome to blogland! Your blog is beautiful by the way, I love sunflowers.

    The thing I love about blogging is what a wonderful resource it is. I'm meeting women from all over the world who share the same struggles with their faith, with their children, with themselves and we offer such wonderful support, advice, encouragement, and most importantly prayer for each other.

    Congrats on your first post. The thing is we really do care. We love to hear what others have to say, what God has laid on your heart to share, your opinions on issues we are having, and even what you had for breakfast. Raisin toast is a big favourite of mine!

    God is usng cyber space for His glory, and for our enrichment, education and encourgement.

    Can't wait to get to know you more!


  2. congratulations!! You did it!! And it is fine, I might add. You'll get the hang of it and then be addicted like the rest of us.

    Can't wait to hear what the Lord has for the us through you.


  3. I am tickled pink you did this! It LOOKS like you know what you are doing...
    I learned to write for me. Just me. Some days I have nothing to say and just click on the button for creating a new post. Then I just start typing. That's how I've written some of my favorite posts believe it or not.
    Just DO IT!
    Life is full of learning experiences, opinions and realness. Have fun and just be yourself. Ask questions about blogging and I'll try to help you. I'm still learning some of this stuff, too.
    Welcome to blogland and may you feel right at home.

  4. Ginger,

    Welcome to blogging! The kind words you left for me blessed my heart.

    I am a techno dinosaur and rely on my teens or friends in blog land for all computer help. I loved your last paragraph about asking the LORD to take you on the same ride He's had your family on - He will do it!

    So nice to meet you!