Friday, October 23, 2009

Frugal Fashionista Fun/Blogging Nightmare

*Unskilled Blogger Alert...Jen's marvelously helpful mini tutorial on linking has encouraged me to try linking with her Frugal Fashionista party at Beauty and Bedlam. (I think I did that part right!) However, every picture I've tried to post has inserted itself at the top of this post, not in the place I wanted it. If I don't figure out what I am doing soon, this will either be a) a picture-less post, where you simply imagine the cuteness of these outfits, or b) the weirdest blog post ever, with all the pictures at the top, so you can keep scrolling up and down to match the descriptions to the outfit, or c) the non-existent blog-post, in which I give up, go make myself another cup of coffee, and try to come up with some sort of profound post that was really what I intended to write about today after all, really.

Here goes nothing...As I have been trying to tell you for the last 30 minutes before this ridiculous computer so rudely interrupted me (Hmm...why does that line sound familiar? Oh, wait, I have pubescent people in my house.), I have discovered a treasure trove of thrift stores in my neck of the woods over the past year. Spray paint, soap, and water solve a myriad of issues. With three females in my house and a teeney-tiny clothing budget, we need all the creative options we can get. Hence, my thrifty excursions.
I'm sold.
I've worn better brand names in the past year than I've worn my entire life. My husband was complimenting one of my thrifted outfits last week and joked, "One day someone is going to come up to you and say,' I used to have a skirt just like that,'" to which I replied, " And I will tell them, ' I paid a lot less for it than you did!'"

Outfit #1

(Ah ha! I did it!! Yes, it is in a goofy location and is not centered! It is also NOT at the top of the page! YES!) Denim jacket: $2.00, black turtleneck sweater: $2.00, black crocheted skirt in my favorite bohemian style (goes with my bohemian hair) w/ Steinmart $40 tag still attached: $5.00. Favorite cross necklace: gift. Total: $9.00.

Outfit #2Brown Ralph Lauren sweater: $2.00, wonderfully thick cozy vest: $8.00, which I know does not qualify as a huge thrifting score, but the fabric and color are luscious. Necklace: gift. Total: $10.00.
I am still on the look-out for jeans that fit. You will hear me shouting if I ever find them.
BTW, thrifting is the way to go for teens who wear nothing but jeans. Trust me on this.

Since posting this was utterly exhausting, I think I'll go have that other cup of coffee. Jen, I so hope I get the 2nd part of linking down pat. It won't be your fault if I fail. I am recovering from the Infamous Photo Fight.
Happy Thrifting,

PS Could someone share how you are really supposed to post internal pics? I am quite sure that I did it the hard way. Or, since we are talking technology here, maybe the hard way is the right way.


  1. I think your finds are great! You're so right about teens and thrifting their jeans (and other clothes too.)
    On posting pictures: I am on blogger as well, and I just click "center" before I load the picture. Also, I usually load straight from my camera because I don't have time sometimes to download it on my desktop first. If you keep having difficulties e-mail me and I'll see how I can help. :)
    My e-mail can be retrieved from my blogger profile.

    Thanks for sharing your great finds!

  2. yea to both your amazing outfits, the linking and the pics. :) You did it! :)The pics look great, but so sorry for the learning curve. Let me know if you still need help. Once you've loaded them all, I just highlight the pic, and copy and paste it where I want it to go in the post. That way I didn't get so frustrated with placement. Great job!! :)

  3. Congrats on getting the post linked up! I know it is hard at first, but it does get easier. I love your outfits - I would wear them both! And I agree with you: I have worn more name brands since thrifting too!

  4. I think those are two terrific outfits!! Love the prices!

  5. I am a techno dino so I'm not much help with the posting. Your outfits are fabulous. I so enjoy going to thrift stores too. My sister-in-love finds the *best* deals ever at thrift stores.

  6. You did good!

    I still have problems with things sometimes. Videos from youtube...I usually just insert a link instead of putting them on my blog.

    Copyrights scare me from posting other people's photos. But the best way I've found to do pictures is to save them to my desktop in Pictures. Then I can add them to my blog post from MY Computer as I'm posting.