Monday, June 23, 2014

Multitude Monday: Lists

I am a list-lover.
I'm not always good at following them, but I like them.
Organization eludes me, best intentions aside.
As our uber-busy summer flies by, I'm trying a different kind of list, a short and sweet one written daily in large letters on the chalkboard. 
Amazing the satisfaction one can derive from a chalk line drawn through a completed task!

List makers vary by style.  I manage my list with micro-tasks.  Fold one load of laundry.  Paint a door. Dust the living room.
Big Red's lists are global, sweeping vision statements to guide his long-range plan.  Clean the basement!  Landscape the yard!  Paint the whole house!

Today's gratitude list resembles Big Red's method more than mine.  They're the mammoth, underlying blessings that make the small ones possible; they dig deep roots that tether my wandering heart to my Rock. 

507.  The Lord calls me to believe Him, and He can be trusted.
508. He speaks to me, and He'll speak to me again.
509. The Old Testament undergirds the New.
510. God gives God.
511. The Word nourishes me.
512. The Word is sweet to me; I know it is feeding me even if the message is bitter.
513. Living Water leaps up in me and flows to others,
514. Jesus is beautiful to me.

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