Monday, July 14, 2014

Meanwhile, back at the 'House...

Anybody stopping by?
I took a blogging break.
I might still take one; I've not decided yet.
Remember when I said this was a good season?
We interrupt this blog post for a 'Where's Waldo?" moment; do you see it?  Look closely...
I didn't have time to change my camera settings--assuming I knew what they should be. 
 It is, but it's within an unreal busy season,
with a ultra-short summer on the school calendar 
(Teachers go back week after next.  Yes, I know summer just started.), 
a soon-to-be college freshman,
a house with projects.

My hands have held paintbrushes. (Interior doors; not blog-worthy, but oh! the difference!)
My head is holding dorm supply lists. (My head is not big enough to hold it.  Things ooze out of one list and ooze onto the next one when I remember.)
My heart is holding John's gospel,
 my girls' faces as they struggle with coming changes,
 my husband in his jaw-dropping garden.

All summer I have chased the days and found them fog-like.  They seem tangible but aren't; they disappear before I have time to enter into them.  
I've forgotten my camera. 
Meanwhile, zinnias bloom, 

blueberries ripen, 

peas promise to take over August.
Today, I exhale. 

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  1. Your garden is so lovely! This summer is zooming by all too fast, isn't it?